On this page, we will explain the range of human beings and types of voices.

  Range and Types of Voice

Voice is what the vocal cords are vibrating. Therefore, the height of the sound changes according to the length of the vocal cords, and the type of voice changes. Let's think about the voice range (vocal range). The human range is human, but it is obviously different between men and women, and in general it will be quite limited. And the range varies depending on the type of human voice. Here we will explain the type of human voice divided into four categories, "real voice (voiceless)" "mix voice (middle voice)" "falsetoo (hoarse)" "whistle voice".

  Real Voice

First of all it is about real voice . This is the voice when we talk normally. Considering the sound range, such as when singing a song, the real voice should sing with conscious of the previous vertical line as shown in the figure. Besides, the high sound is very far above, and the low sound is more sensitive to the downward sound. As men's average, low F (low F) ~ high E (mid 2 E) is the average for women, low B (mid 1 B) to high A (hi A), that is, about 2 octaves We are.

  Mix Voice(Middle Voice)

Next is about Mix Voice (Middle Voice). In this regard, the definition is very vague and various ways of saying, but here, I will say, "The part that connects clearly between real voice and Falsetto". It is often used when singing songs, but it is difficult to put mixed voices themselves, it is very difficult to make big out because they put out vocal cords. It will be easier to come out if you are conscious of the area surrounded by red in the figure, that is, the place near the nose to the forehead. Also, if you are conscious of trying to put the vocal cord forward, (actually the muscles around the vocal cords) it will become easier to get out clean.

Sitting on a chair, with the spine stretched out, the shoulder relaxed, and in addition he realized that he could hear the sound of his own real voice or a slightly lower sound of the real voice echoing around "n" and beside the nose and nose Please try it out. This is one of Mix Voice's training which you can easily do. When thinking of putting a mix voice, please try to be conscious of the nose ~ near the forehead anyway!
For Summary
・ Types of voices are generally (real voice), (mixed voice), (Falsetoo), (Whistle voice) is divided into four. ・ It is good to be conscious of (previous vertical line) with voice when you talk with real voice all the time. ・ Mix voice is the voice of the falsetto set and the real voice, put out the vocal cords (stuck).
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