Well then, it is about breathing. It is said that you often smoke oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, but breathing is the action that human beings produce the energy necessary for their lives. Specifically, it is to breathe in and exhale. In the explanation so far, seemingly it does not seem to be related to the voice. But to say out (= speak) is to breathe out. It is necessary to exhale in order to make a voice, and it is necessary to breathe in order to exhale. Therefore, breathing is deeply related to the voice. Although it looks like a circle, breathing becomes very important in giving out a voice. Generally, breathing can be divided into two types, "chest breathing" and "abdominal breathing" depending on how the lung is used, so here again we will explain the difference between the two.

  Chest Breathing

First, I will explain about chest breathing. This is breathing done by using the upper portion of the lung and moving it in the upper direction. Chest breathing is the breathing that we normally do when you are awake. Sometimes my shoulders move a lot. It is easy to understand vigorous breathing after running, but it is this chest breathing that I am doing nothing when I am awake as I said. Although it becomes important later, the diaphragm which is also shown in the figure has nothing to do with this breathing.

  Abdominal Breathing

Next is about abdominal breathing. Even though you think that you've heard it at once in music classes, for example, this is breathing done by expanding it in the direction of lungs. While we are asleep, we are almost doing this abdominal breath, but I think that I can not do it easily unless I practice with consciousness as I am awake. As we said earlier it spreads in the direction of lungs, which causes the diaphragm to go down, the internal organs being compressed and the stomach looking swollen. Since waist and back will also inflate at this time, it is a mistake to think about inflating the stomach. Movement of the shoulder and chest is much smaller than chest breathing, so from the viewer side it can be easily distinguished from chest breathing. This abdominal breathing is often used when singing a song because breath stabilizes, but there are not many scenes that require abdominal breathing when you are usually living.

It is the utterance of "su" that is often used as a practice to seize the feeling of abdominal breathing. Try to stretch it as long as "long", or cut it short and decide the rhythm as "Susu, su, su". The important thing here is abdominal breathing, so it is a diaphragm. Because spreading the lungs downwards, it is very effective if you consciously lower the diaphragm!
For Summary
・Breathing is deeply related to voice, there are two types of respiration (chest type respiration) and (abdominal type breathing) roughly.
・Chest breathing is breathing performed by moving the upper portion of the lung (upper surface), and it is what you do when you are awake all the time.
・Abdominal breathing is breathing performed by expanding the lung (downward), the (diaphragm) goes down, the internal organs are compressed, and the stomach looks swollen.
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