Observation report

We went to Sony ExploraScience in Tokyo on November 13,2016.
Sony ExploraScience is a facility where you can learn about sound and light.So we could learn happily.On this page we will report what we have learned by the tour.

Purpose of the tour
We went there to learn about sound and develop the breadth of knowledge.
Contents of the tour
We learned a lot there.We will introduce what we remained in our impressions.

It's the right exhibition that I made an impression in particular in the tour. This showed the volume of the voice, the tune and the sound as the shape. In other words, I had a plane-like corrugation so that it might look three-dimensional. This mechanism didn't understand the beginning well, you told me kindly which place with this shape showed the volume to to the guide, and which place showed the tune. I thought it was very fascinating that sound can be judged by the strange shape different from a corrugation. I found out that the tone of the various frequencies is included in human voice.

An upper picture is the shape when man raised a cry. The very complicated shape. Then when you'll prepare the machine which makes the sound of a fixed frequency, and the shape is seen actually, the guide is more different from time of the voice, and only a fixed part is sharp, isn't it? Human voice could ascertain various sound to mix complicatedly by an eye. The guide had been very kind here. Thank you very much really.

Besides there was also much exhibition about voice in a science museum. When voice was put in a microphone like the right picture, voice was delayed, and there was a machine by which I hear, adjust the frequency and change the height of the voice.

There was also a machine to which feeling of the voice recorded like the left picture is changed. Why did you hear in different feeling or wonder? The thing which can't be done only by itself could be experienced here, so it was good.

A corrugation of voice was seen, and voice was edited and asked, and it was possible to touch voice and sound while experiencing it. About the data which is sound but it was introduced here and, it was also possible to learn about mechanism of communication of a cellular phone.
Thank you very much for showing us.

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